pulpal/apical findings

Case of the Week: Focal idiopathic osteosclerosis

This week I have a case of focal idiopathic osteosclerosis.  Focal idiopathic osteosclerosis is increased bone deposition within the jaws.  As the name states, it is idiopathic.  This will present as increased radiopacity of bone with loss of trabeculation in the area.  The radiopacity is that of cortical bone.  This […]

Case of the Week: Dens invaginatus

This week I have a case of dens invaginatus.  Dens invaginatus is an infolding of enamel from the incisal or occlusal surface of a tooth.  It is most commonly associated with maxillary lateral incisors but can be found on many other teeth in the oral cavity.  This case is a […]

Case of the Week: External resorption 1

This week I wanted to show a common finding on radiographs with many different causes, external resorption. Frequently external resorption is idiopathic; however it can also occur due to an inflammatory process, neoplasm or adjacent teeth.  This case is external resorption due to an impacted third molar, which had been […]