pulpal/apical findings

Case of the Week: External resorption 1

This week I wanted to show a common finding on radiographs with many different causes, external resorption. Frequently external resorption is idiopathic; however it can also occur due to an inflammatory process, neoplasm or adjacent teeth.  This case is external resorption due to an impacted third molar, which had been […]

Case of the Week: Pulp stone

This week I have a case of a pulp stone in the root canal space of a maxillary canine.  Pulp stones are incidental findings and do not need treatment.  This case is slightly enlarging the shape of the root canal.  Pulp stones present as a radiopaque entity in either the […]

Case of the Week: Internal resorption

This week I have a case of internal resorption that is small and still possible to treat without extraction.  There is a linear radiolucent area over the root of the mandibular right central incisor (#25).  Note that the radiolucent area is continuous with the root canal.  Treatment to retain the […]

Case of the Week: retained deciduous root fragment

This week I am showcasing a frequently seen incidental finding; a retained deciduous root fragment.  A retained deciduous root fragment can be seen monthly in a dental setting.  The most commonly retained tooth is the deciduous second molar.  These root fragments are seen on either the mesial or the distal […]

Case of the Week: Rarefying osteitis

This week I am showing a case of rarefying osteitis, specifically a lateral rarefying osteitis.  Rarefying osteitis is a term describing loss of bone due to inflammation.  When associated with a tooth it applies to three histopathological entities; an abscess, a cyst (radicular), and/or a granuloma.  Any of these three […]