pantomograph anatomy

Anatomy Monday: Soft tissue of the ear 2

This anatomy seems to throw a lot of students off due to the radiopacity it presents as on pantomographs.  Being that it’s a soft tissue entity many assume it’s bone as it shows up more radiopaque. This increased radiopacity is due to the ghost image of the opposite ramus. The […]

Anatomy Monday: Hamulus 6

The hamulus is always a fun find when I’m working with the students on interpretations as it really forces them to recall anatomy beyond just the maxilla and mandible.  The hamulus is a small bony hook that projects off the medial pterygoid plate of the sphenoid bone (that’s a tongue […]

Anatomy Monday: Gubernaculum Dentis 2

This week I have a case of anatomy that I more commonly see on CBCT images but have occasionally come across on 2D radiographs; the gubernaculum dentis. The gubernaculum dentis is a canal of connective tissue from a developing tooth bud to the overlying mucosa. It presents as a radiolucent […]