nutrient canals

Anatomy Monday: Canals on Intraoral Radiographs

Since a couple of weeks ago I went over foramina on intraoral radiographs (periapical radiographs and bitewings), I thought I’d keep on going with more and this time go over canals. There is 4 again with 2 in the maxilla and 2 in the mandible; however one of the two […]

Anatomy Monday: Vascular/Nutrient Canals (mandible)

This Monday I am showing vascular canals or nutrient canals as they are sometimes referred to. While they are in both the maxilla and mandible, they are more commonly seen in the mandible particularly the anterior. This is due to thin bone in this area. They will appear as radiolucent […]

Anatomy on Radiographs: Intraoral Radiographs Part I 37

I am starting a new series of posts on anatomy on radiographs.  There will be two posts on intraoral radiographs (Part I – anterior and Part II – posterior), one on occlusal radiographs, one on pantomographs and lastly one on skull radiographs (primarily lateral cephalometric skull radiographs). Anatomical radiographic appearances […]