Case of the Week: Supernumerary Microdont (Distodens)

This week I have a tooth that falls under two descriptions; a supernumerary tooth and a microdont. 🙂 This little guy was hanging out just coronal to the third molar.  I’ll let you find him yourself. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!

Cases of the Week: Top cases of 2013

It’s nearly another year gone by and time to check out the top cases posted in 2013. 5. Microdont 4. Supernumerary teeth 3. Talon cusp 2. Horizontal root fracture 1. Ectopic eruption and Internal resorption If there are any cases you’d like to see please leave me a line below […]

Case of the Week: Microdont 3

This week is a fun case of a microdont third molar. On the bitewing radiograph it’s difficult to see that it’s a smaller than normal sized tooth but the periapical radiograph shows it nicely. If you have any questions or comments on microdonts, please leave a comment or question below. […]

Case of the Week: Supernumerary tooth (Distodens)

The weeks case is a case of a supernumerary tooth in the molar region.  Supernumerary teeth are frequently identified by the region of which they are found in the patients mouth.  A supernumerary tooth in the anterior portion of a jaw is sometimes referred to as a mesiodens.  A supernumerary […]

Case of the Week: Microdont

This week I have a case of a microdont.  Microdonts are fun to see on radiograph as it’s just a mini-tooth.  Microdonts are commonly associated with third molars and maxillary lateral incisors.  When a maxillary lateral incisor is a microdont it is frequently referred to as a peg lateral due […]