mandibular canal

Anatomy Monday: Mandibular Canal

This week and month is going to be canals and ducts visible on intraoral and extraoral radiographs. I’m starting with a canal frequently sought out specifically for implants and extractions; the mandibular canal.  The mandibular canal is visible on both intraoral radiographs and extraoral radiographs. It presents as a radiolucent […]

Anatomy on Radiographs: Intraoral Radiographs Part 2 7

This is part 2 (posterior) of anatomy on intraoral radiographs. Mandible The mental foramen  appears as a round to oval radiolucent area near the apex of the second premolar. The inferior alveolar nerve canal (mandibular canal) appears as radiolucent band with two thin radiopaque lines running parallel to each other […]