X is for x ray: Image Density

Today is all about image density and how different settings on the x ray unit as well as the subject being imaged will effect this.  The four topics I will be covering are: milliampere (mA), kilovoltage peak (kVp), exposure time, and subject thickness.  I have covered some of these topics […]

x ray unit settings: putting it all together 7

Now that we’ve gone over how changing the different settings affect your final image, we will go over how to adjust the settings and produce an image of similar density.  First we’ll discuss kilovoltage peak (kVp) and then onto milliampere (mA). Kilovoltage peak (kVp) A few weeks ago we went […]

x ray unit settings: milliampere (mA) 1

This week will be covering the milliampere or mA setting on an x ray unit.  Changing the mA affects the QUANTITY of x rays produced.  Some units have a fixed mA (typically in the range of 7 – 12) and some are changeable (from 5 – 15).  For those units […]