impacted tooth

How was that missed? (Impacted teeth) 6

I recently had a request to show some missed and/or misdiagnosed cases.  I oddly enough came across one of these cases shortly after that request and decided to start with two cases of missed impacted teeth. Case 1 This case was shown to  me of how you can miss things […]

Case of the Week: Supernumerary teeth and Impaction 2

This week I have a case of 2 for 1 (two findings on one radiograph). 😀 The first is the impaction of the mandibular molars.  If you look at the patients left, you’ll see the crowns of the two molars appearing as if they are in occlusion in the mandible.  […]

Case of the Week: Horizontal Impaction 5

This week I have a neat case of a horizontally impacted tooth.  While it’s not uncommon for teeth to be horizontally impacted, this tooth is sort of ‘hidden’.  Look for the radiopaque rotated ‘V’ in the right mandible.  The ‘V’ appearance is the enamel of the impacted tooth.  There are […]