how was that missed

How was that missed? (Chronic Apical Periodontitis / Rarefying Osteitis) 1

This months how was that missed is a case of chronic apical periodontitis or rarefying osteitis.  The first radiograph is 2 years prior to the second one. Initial interpretation: No initial interpretation as this radiograph was made for an implant in the maxillary canine region and nothing else was evaluated.  […]

How was that missed? (Mandibular Fracture) 1

This how was that missed post is showing a case of a mandibular fracture missed on a 2D image but easily seen on a CT scan. Initial interpretation: Obvious radiolucent line extending from mandibular left premolar region to the inferior border of the mandible.  There is a discontinuity of the […]

How was that missed? (Periapical / Radicular cyst) 2

Being that the two previous posts on radiographic entities either looked over or misdiagnosed created quite a few comments and questions, I have decided to make this a more regular series.  The plan (as of now) is to post once a month on the first Wednesday of the month.  This […]

How was that missed? (Trauma)

This week I have a case of trauma to the mandible and its radiographic appearance on 2D images versus 3D images. This is a pantomograph of a patient presenting after trauma to the mandible (can’t remember exact type of trauma – fight, accident, etc.).  Take a look below to see […]

How was that missed? (Impacted teeth) 6

I recently had a request to show some missed and/or misdiagnosed cases.  I oddly enough came across one of these cases shortly after that request and decided to start with two cases of missed impacted teeth. Case 1 This case was shown to  me of how you can miss things […]