Case of the week: Mandibular Fracture

This week is a case of a single mandibular fracture.  I don’t have any history as to what caused this, just the radiograph. Note the vertical radiolucent line extending inferior from the mandibular left canine and lateral incisor region. If you  have any questions, please let me know. Thanks and […]

How was that missed? (Trauma)

This week I have a case of trauma to the mandible and its radiographic appearance on 2D images versus 3D images. This is a pantomograph of a patient presenting after trauma to the mandible (can’t remember exact type of trauma – fight, accident, etc.).  Take a look below to see […]

Case of the Week: Vertical root fracture

This week I am showcasing an extreme case of vertical root fracture.  This case had complete separation of the two fragments.  I didn’t put an arrow on this radiograph, but I’m sure you can see where the root is split in two.  As this is an extreme case I recommend […]

Case of the Week: Coronal fracture

This week I decided to showcase a case of coronal (crown) fracture associated with a posterior tooth.  Coronal fractures are more commonly associated with anterior teeth, specifically the maxillary incisors.  This case was a cusp fracture of a maxillary premolar with the other cusp still present.  There is a sharp […]