ectopic eruption

Cases of the Week: Top cases of 2013

It’s nearly another year gone by and time to check out the top cases posted in 2013. 5. Microdont 4. Supernumerary teeth 3. Talon cusp 2. Horizontal root fracture 1. Ectopic eruption and Internal resorption If there are any cases you’d like to see please leave me a line below […]

Case of the Week: Ectopic Eruption & Internal Resorption 5

This week I have a fun case of 2 finds on 1 radiograph. This bitewing radiograph shows internal resorption (enlarged pulp chamber) of the maxillary left deciduous second molar and ectopic eruption of the mandibular left first premolar into the deciduous second molar.  Check it out below. 🙂 If you […]

Case of the Week: Ectopic eruption

This week I have an interesting case of ectopic eruption.  Ectopic eruption is when a tooth erupts into an abnormal location (frequently into another tooth).  This case involved two mandibular premolars.  Due to the positioning of the crowns, there was extensive decay as the patient was unable to clean the […]