cysts of the jaws

Case of the Week: Lateral Periodontal Cyst

This week I have a case of a lateral periodontal cyst.  Lateral periodontal cysts typically are smaller than 1 cm.  When they are located in the mandible, they are most commonly found in the lateral incisor to premolar region.  When they are located in the maxilla, they are most commonly […]

Case of the Week: Nasopalatine Canal Cyst

This week I have a case of a nasopalatine canal cyst.  This is also referred to as an incisive canal cyst and/or a nasopalatine duct cyst.  This case was found on a pantomograph of an edentulous patient.  The patient presented for complete dentures and was asymptomatic.  There is a well-defined […]

Case of the Week: Dentigerous cyst

This week is a case of a quite large dentigerous cyst.  A dentigerous cyst will appear radiolucent surrounding the crown of an impacted tooth.  The teeth most commonly effected are the maxillary canines and third molars (both maxilla and mandible).  A pathognomonic sign of a dentigerous cyst is that the […]