Research Roundup: CBCT and Implant Placement

This week I wanted to share the amazing work of one of the dental students of a CAT (Critically Appraised Topic – summary of the best current research on a topic) about CBCT and Implant Placement to prevent critical errors.  Check it out (click on the image to see larger). […]

Case of the Week: Lateral Dentigerous Cyst (CBCT) 4

This week I have an interesting case of a lateral dentigerous cyst to share.  A lateral dentigerous cyst is a dentigerous cyst that is coming off the lateral aspect of a tooth.  As with a typical dentigerous cyst, you will be looking for an enlargement of the dental follicle surrounding […]

Case of the Week: External resorption with CBCT view

This week I have a interesting case of severe external resorption as seen on a periapical radiograph as well as a cone beam CT (CBCT) view to show the true extent of the resorption. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!

Case of the Week: Tonsiliths 2

This week is another CBCT case of calcifications, this time in the tonsils.  On CBCT images, these are seen on the axial views lateral to the airway and on coronal views medial to the ramus of the mandible.  They are well-defined irregular shaped radiopaque entities. They may be single or […]