Artifacts: Analog/Film and DEBT – Part 1

A new school year is upon me and with that many topics that I will be covering with the students.  This is one topic I cover with the students about artifacts and a little acronym to help you remember them. I can’t take full credit for this acronym as the […]

X is for x ray: Image distortion

Today is image distortion.  There is really only one characteristics (actually an artifact) we will be looking at; bending.  (Note to those who use wired sensors, it is not possible to bend the sensor without breaking it 🙂 so this will not apply to you). Bending Bending occurs when the […]

Case of the Week: Horizontal Impaction 5

This week I have a neat case of a horizontally impacted tooth.  While it’s not uncommon for teeth to be horizontally impacted, this tooth is sort of ‘hidden’.  Look for the radiopaque rotated ‘V’ in the right mandible.  The ‘V’ appearance is the enamel of the impacted tooth.  There are […]