Artifacts: Digital – Computed Radiography (CR) / phosphor plates

Increased density E (increased exposure to x rays) E =↑ Exposure (x rays) This occurs when the phosphor plate is overexposed (i.e. using a molar setting for an anterior radiograph). Increased density due to incorrect time setting. Decreased density E (decreased exposure to x rays) E (increased exposure to visible […]

Artifacts: Digital – Digital Radiography (DR) / sensors

The entire acronym of DEBT does not apply to both digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) systems.  Since both systems are a little different with artifacts I have broken them up into two separate posts. Increased density E (increased exposure to x rays) E =↑ Exposure (x rays) This […]

Artifacts: Analog/Film and DEBT – Part 2

Today is covering analog/film artifacts that are of decreased density of the final image.  Note: when referring to artifacts, the correct term is density and not radiolucent/radiopaque.  The latter terms are used when referring to a part of the patient seen on a radiograph. D = ↓Development This occurs when […]

Artifacts: Analog/Film and DEBT – Part 1

A new school year is upon me and with that many topics that I will be covering with the students.  This is one topic I cover with the students about artifacts and a little acronym to help you remember them. I can’t take full credit for this acronym as the […]

X is for x ray: Image distortion

Today is image distortion.  There is really only one characteristics (actually an artifact) we will be looking at; bending.  (Note to those who use wired sensors, it is not possible to bend the sensor without breaking it 🙂 so this will not apply to you). Bending Bending occurs when the […]