Inferior Nasal Concha

Definition: The inferiormost concha of the nasal cavity. It is a separate bone from the maxilla.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Superior to the floor of the nasal cavity and lateral to the nasal septum

Edge: Well-defined to well-localized.

Shape: Round, ovoid, elongated rounded tube (pantomographs).

Internal: Radiopaque.

Other: None.

Number: Intraoral radiographs – single per side, both may be visible on the maxillary central incisors periapical radiograph. Extraoral radiographs – bilateral, superimposed over the maxillary sinus.

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Inferior nasal concha

inferior nasal concha pantomograph with animationPantomograph (yellow area)

inferior nasal concha pantomographPantomograph without animation

Periapical radiographs

inferior nasal concha central incisor periapical radiograph

inferior nasal concha periapical radiograph


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