Floor of the Nasal Cavity 2

Definition: The ‘floor of the nasal cavity’ as labeled on radiographs is actually the junction of the floor of the nasal cavity with the lateral wall and/or vomer.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Superior to the maxillary teeth both anterior and posterior.

Edge: Well-defined, corticated.

Shape: Straight line.

Internal: Radiopaque.

Other: None.

Number: Intraoral radiographs – one.  Extraoral radiographs – one, two or three possibly seen.

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Floor of the nasal cavity

floor of the nasal cavity pantomograph with animationfloor of the nasal cavity pantomographPantomograph with a single floor of nasal cavity visible on both sides (yellow dotted line)

floor of nasal cavity two lines right pantomographPantomograph showing two radiopaque lines on patients right.

Periapical radiographs

floor of the nasal cavity posterior periapicalfloor of the nasal cavity anterior periapicalFloor of the nose periapical


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