Radiology for the Dental Auxiliary 3

A quick guide to posts/pages on this site relating to the CE course – Radiology for the Dental Auxiliary at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry.

Note: Not all topics will have information on this site.

Radiation Protection

Radiology Terms

Types of Radiographs

Image receptors

Intraoral Radiographic Technique

Viewing Radiographs

Anatomy on Intraoral Radiographs

Radiographic Evaluation

Radiographic Errors


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  • andrada

    Dear Dr.Shawneen Gonzalez,

    I am very happy to find your site during my internet search. It is absolutely great.I was wondering if is there any chance to send you an dental OPG image.I really need help with this specific OPG interpretation.
    If you agree, please let me know to what e-mail address I can send this specific OPG image.
    With many thanks and high appreciation, Andrada