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United States dental school websites and areas worth checking out on that site (alphabetical order)

  • North Carolina – Chapel Hill = Pantomograph positioning with live-time animations showing what the final radiograph will look like if the patient is positioned improperly.
  • Ohio State University = Caries identification with practice radiographs at the end of the tutorial.
  • Virginia Commonwealth = Anatomy on radiographs with examples.
  • Washington = Pathology/Radiology case of the month. Try a few and see how you do. 😉

Oral Radiology Specialty websites

  • American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology = Association for oral and maxillofacial radiologists in North America with interesting and challenging case of the month.
  • OMFR = Personal website of a current oral and maxillofacial radiology resident as they progress in their program.
  • Marcilan = Great information on CBCT by oral and maxillofacial radiologist.

Dental Websites

  • DrBicuspid = Current topics in dentistry and weekly cases (I submit approximately one case a month here).
  • DentalTown = Practice management articles and a large forum to get help from other dentists around the world.
  • All Things Dentistry = Personal dentist website giving tips and great video tutorials on different restorative tips.
  • The Next DDS = Dental website aimed to help dental students with different areas of school.
  • IgniteDDS = Dental website for soon to be and recent graduates of dental school to help in the transition to practice.

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