Case of the week

Case of the Week: Stafne Defect

This week I have CBCT views of a Stafne defect to show what the defect is – a depression on the lingual aspect of the mandible typically caused by a finger projection of the submandibular salivary gland during development. Thanks and enjoy!

Case of the Week: Osteoma Cutis

Happy New Year! This is a fun case that would always stump the students on the exact name of this entity.  We also came across it so often that one student crossed out the description of rare in their radiology book to use in the viewing room. 🙂 Osteoma cutis […]

Case of the Week: Condylar Ankyloses 1

This is something I don’t see very often so don’t have a ton of examples of this but it is a really neat find.  Condylar ankyloses is just like it sounds – the condyle fuses to the fossa.  Cases have been reported to be due to trauma and I have […]