Case of the week

Case of the Week: Condylar Ankyloses 1

This is something I don’t see very often so don’t have a ton of examples of this but it is a really neat find.  Condylar ankyloses is just like it sounds – the condyle fuses to the fossa.  Cases have been reported to be due to trauma and I have […]

Case of the Week: Subpontic osseous hyperplasia (subpontic hyperostosis) 7

This week I’m sharing examples of excess bone growth in response to a pontic – subpontic osseous hyperplasia or subpontic hyperostosis.  There have been some theories as to etiologies including a low grade inflammatory process causing the body to create more bone that can reach up to the pontic in some […]

Case of the Week: Condylar Hypoplasia 6

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted – sorry. 🙁 Life has gotten in the way more than I’d like lately.  But enough of that and now onto the goodies. I came across this case of condylar hypoplasia – an underdeveloped condyle – the other day and thought […]