Anatomy Monday

Anatomy Monday: Anterior Articular Eminence (Temporal Bone) 2

This Monday I thought I’d go outside the jaws again but this time to the temporal bone, specifically the anterior articular eminence which is on the zygomatic process of the temporal bone.  The anterior articular eminence is a bony prominence at the anterior aspect of the glenoid fossa which the […]

Anatomy Monday: Soft tissue of the ear 2

This anatomy seems to throw a lot of students off due to the radiopacity it presents as on pantomographs.  Being that it’s a soft tissue entity many assume it’s bone as it shows up more radiopaque. This increased radiopacity is due to the ghost image of the opposite ramus. The […]

Anatomy Monday: Hamulus 6

The hamulus is always a fun find when I’m working with the students on interpretations as it really forces them to recall anatomy beyond just the maxilla and mandible.  The hamulus is a small bony hook that projects off the medial pterygoid plate of the sphenoid bone (that’s a tongue […]