Find the Caries: July 2014 (b) ANSWERS 2

And now the answers for the 4 bitewing radiographic series from Tuesday.

  • Maxillary right first molar (#3) – distal
  • Mandibular left second molar (#18) – mesial
  • Mandibular left first molar (#19) – distal
  • Mandibular left second premolar (#20) – distal
  • Mandibular right first premolar (#28) – distal
  • Mandibular right second premolar (#29) – mesial, distal
  • Mandibular right first molar (#30) – mesial, distal

find the caries - July 2014bIf you have any questions or answers, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Find the Caries: July 2014 (b) ANSWERS

  • Abdul

    Hi, Wanted to ask on tooth (Maxillary right first molar (#3) – distal and Mandibular left second premolar (#20) – distal), isnt that cervical burnout?

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author

      Cervical burnout will appear as a diffuse radiolucent band going vertically from the cemento-enamel junction to the alveolar crest. Both of those sites listed has a radiolucent area moving towards the root canal space and not extending down the root. Cervical burnout is tricky and I’m working on a few cases and possibly a video to help with this. Keep evaluating thoroughly and you’ll get it. 🙂