Find the Caries: June 2014 2

Here is a 4 bitewing radiographic series to practice finding the caries. For a review you can find the caries interpretation posts (here, here, here and here).

find the caries bitewing radiographs June 2014If you have any questions or answers, please leave them below. Answers coming on Thursday. Thanks and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Find the Caries: June 2014

  • ramy

    mandibular right 2nd molar (mesial)
    mandibular right 1st molar( distal)
    maxillary right 2nd premolar (distal)
    maxillary left 2nd premolar ( distal)
    maxillary left 1st molar (distal)
    mandibular left 1st molar (distal)
    mandibular left 2nd molar ( mesial)