Find the Caries: May 2014 ANSWERS 2

Here are the answers for the 4 bitewing radiographic series to practice finding the caries.

  • Maxillary right third molar (#1) – occlusal
  • Maxillary right first molar (#3) – mesial
  • Maxillary right second premolar (#4) – distal
  • Mandibular left third molar (#17) – occlusal
  • Mandibular right third molar (#32) – occlusal

find the caries May 2014If you have any questions or answers, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Find the Caries: May 2014 ANSWERS

  • Disha

    Thanks a lot Dr.Gonzalez! Your posts are very helpful. I am preparing for australian dental qualifying exams & this is a great place to sharpen our knowledge on radiology. Can I please request you to post something on radiographic errors in PA & OPG if possible? Thank you!!

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author

      Thanks and I’m glad you are finding the website useful. I have created a post on pantomograph positioning errors. If do a search on the site for that topic they should show up. I haven’t done too much with specific errors on intraoral radiographs but I can do some special ones on that topic. Thanks for asking.