Case of the Week: Ameloblastoma 1

This week is a case of an ameloblastoma over a period of six years and an educational video.  The radiographs are a little lower quality due to them being duplicates of old radiographs but you can still see the progression over time.  This is also a less common location to find an ameloblastoma.

Here is the initial periapical radiograph.

ameloblastoma periapical 1Note the well-defined corticated radiolucent entity between the apices of the central and lateral incisors.

And six years later here is an occlusal radiograph made in the same area.

ameloblastoma occlusal 6 years laterNote the (much larger) radiolucent area in the anterior mandible.

Now, onto an educational video made by UNMC College of Dentistry Class of 2016 students about ameloblastoma.

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