Monthly Archives: August 2013

Radiographic Quality Evalution: Periapical Radiographs

Today is the first of two posts on intraoral radiographic quality evaluation.  For those who are looking for a series on pantomograph radiographic quality evaluation there are 4 posts that can be found here – ideal pantomograph quality, bad pantomograph quality – part 1, bad pantomograph quality – part 2, […]

Locate the Object: August 2013 Answer 2

Now onto the answers for the August 2013 Locate the Object. I will be going over both image shift and SLOB (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) to determine the location of the left lateral incisor in relation to the left central incisor. Image shift Before starting to use the image shift principle it […]

Anatomy Monday: Mandibular Foramen

Since I just finished a series of anatomy post of canals I find it fitting to now move onto foramina. 🙂  I’ve already covered a few in the past; the lingual foramen and the mental foramen.  So I will finish off the mandible with today’s post of the mandibular foramen. […]

Case of the Week: Oligodontia

This week I have a case of developmentally missing teeth (oligodontia) along with the last educational video in my library (to date). 🙂 This case shows all four second premolars did not develop with retained primary second molars. And for the last of this years educational videos on oligodontia by […]

Case of the Week: Pulp Stones

This week is a case of two elongated pulp stones along with an educational video. The case shows an oblong radiopaque mass in the pulp chamber and root canal space of the canine and first premolar. Note how the chamber and canal space is enlarged around the radiopaque mass. Here’s […]