Locate the Object: July 2013 1

Being that image shift and the SLOB rule (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) are topics I am frequently asked about and popular viewed pages on this site, I decided to start posting practice cases once a month for you to put that knowledge to work.

This first case has three radiographs to use. You can use all three or just two – it’s your choice.

The object in question is a radiopaque pin superimposed over the mandibular left first premolar. Where is it (buccal or lingual) in relation to the first premolar?

pin mandibular first premolar bitewing radiograph pin mandibular first premolar canine periapical radiograph pin mandibular first premolar premolar periapical radiographI will post the answer in 2 weeks (July 30th) along with written instructions of how to use both Image Shift and the SLOB rule to determine the location.  If you have answers you can post them below (or wait). Thanks and enjoy!

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