Case of the week: Top cases of 2012

Being that we are at the end of another calendar year, I thought I would bring attention to the top 5 case of the week posts for the year of 2012.  Check them out and if you have any recommendations for cases or thought another case should have been in the top 5, please leave a comment below. Thanks.

5. Antrolith and Sinusitis

antrolith coronal view

4. Keratocystic odontogenic tumor (Odontogenic keratocyst)

keratocystic odontogenic tumor coronal CBCT slice

3. Rarefying Osteitis

periapical granuloma rarefying osteitis2. Dentin Dysplasia Type 2

dentin dysplasia type 2 bitewing


1. Chronic Apical Periodontitis

chronic apical periodontitis periapical radiograph


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