App time: Film mounting practice (Apple – iPAD only)

I recently was informed of a new dental app for the iPAD called Setup My FMS.

Who: It was created at the University of Toronto.

What: An app for students and dental professionals to practice mounting films.  There are 5 sample sets of which you  place into the correct position and rotate or flip as necessary.  The app simulates film (showing the indicator dot).  The mounting exercises are helpful for those who use digital as well. Here’s the official release. Set Up My FMS_infosheet

Thoughts: I tried this out while on a recent flight and found it is very easy to use and a fun way to practice mounting.

Recommended: This app is primarily aimed at dental students but any dental professional would benefit from using it.  While 5 is a limited number to start with, I hope that they will add more sets in the future.

Overall, I was very pleased with this app and would definitely recommend it to others in the dental field. The best part is that its FREE! 😀

Thanks and enjoy!

(Just to inform everyone, I have no financial ties with the University of Toronto or creators of this app nor was I asked by the creators to review this product in return for any products.  My opinions/thoughts are just that – all mine.)

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