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Top posts and pages of 2012

Here are the top 5 posts and pages of 2012. Posts 5. Anatomy on Intraoral Radiographs Part 2 4. Anatomy on Extraoral Radiographs (Lateral cephalometric skull) 3. Anatomy on Pantomographs Part 1 2. SLOB rule (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) 1. Anatomy on Intraoral Radiographs Part 1 Pages 5. Maxillary Sinuses 4. Widened […]

Anatomy Monday: Floor of the nasal cavity (maxilla) 1

The floor of the nasal cavity that is visible on radiographs is actually the junction of the floor and lateral wall or vomer.  On intraoral radiographs this will appear as a single radiopaque straight line superior to the maxillary teeth.  It is visible on any periapical radiograph (anterior and posterior).  […]

Case of the week: Calculus with clinical photo

This week I have a case of some serious calculus on the mandibular anterior teeth.  I have both a radiograph and a clinical photo as well.  Calculus appears a radiopaque ‘growths’ on the mesial and/or distal surfaces of teeth.  It is typically found near the cemento-enamel junction but can occur […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 3)

The last two criteria – 5 and 6. 5. Patient has tongue to roof of the mouth and lips around bite block or closed together gently. Error: Patient does not have tongue to roof of the mouth creating a radiolucent band over the maxillary teeth. Note the radiolucent band over […]